2016 Symposium Library

Ron “Tehassi” Hill, Jr.

Charlotte Roderique

Understanding New ROW Regulations

Tom Reynolds

David Mullon

Sharlene Round Face

Coming Soon!

Natural Resources & Economic Development, Water Rights

Tom Luebben

Coming Soon!

Sustainable Development of Trust Restricted Land

Janie Hipp

Jess Shoemaker

Coming Soon!

OST’s Role in Fractionation

Deb DuMontier, Deputy Special Trustee

Chris Stainbrook, (Oglala Lakota) President, Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF)

Carrie Novak, Senior Loan Officer US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA), Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Shawna Kalama

Coming Soon!

John McClanahan

Coming Soon!

Terry Beckwith, (Quinault) ICC Associates

Coming Soon!

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stands in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline as it threatens our way of life, our water people and our land…


Advancing the Probate

Brian L. Gunn

Coming Soon!

Streamlining the Probate Process

Cheryl Toledo

Earl Waits


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