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ILWG 2019 Symposium Draft Agenda


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2018 ILWG Symposium Lectures:

  1. FarmBill_9_06_18
  2. water_rights_9_06_18
  3. ILTF_Land_Enterpris_090618
  4. Hemp&MJ_9_06_18
  5. Buy_back_9.6.2018
  6. Appraisal Consolidation9_16_18
  7. GRASSROOTS_Case_Study_9_06_18
  8. Holistic_Agriculture_9_04_18


The Indian Land Working Group has heard many landowners say that, “It is important for them to maintain their family ownership of their Indian farm or ranch,” but we believe there is also a need to develop some type of business use of the land.

Our Work

We receive a continual flow of requests from our constituents for assistance to create family estate plans. In response, the Indian Land Working Group (ILWG) creates workshops specifically in response to the needs of Indian farmers and/or ranchers’ requests for family planning. Our workshops present plans that cover Federal regulations & laws, loans, & financial literacy.


Our mission is to empower grassroots individual landowners to forever protect their ancestral homelands


Indian Land Working Group is dedicated to the restoration and recovery of the native land base; and the control, use, and management of this land base by tribal communities.



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